On February 23, seven mothers and twelve girl scouts found out team work is so much more than a word. Using their own individual strengths (follow ship, leadership, encouragement, creativity) on a wet Saturday morning these future ladies of success found out that in order to complete the task at hand building up is much more powerful than shutting down.  Towers were built, canoes were constructed and smiles were shared as we all laughed at how fun it can be to work together and through the little difficulties. It was shared success among individuals who played while showing friendship and experiencing the courage to try.  

Here is what was said about the event.

1.   Today’s experience was: 

Poor                Fair                 Good               Very Good 5%                        Excellent 95%

2.   Were the activities age appropriate?               Yes 100%         No    

3.   Did I meet the overall goals?              Yes 100%        No  

4.   Shannon Bond’s  facilitation technique  was:

 Poor                Fair                 Good               Very Good 5%            Excellent  95%


 5. Would you recommend this program to others?        Yes 100%        No

 Comments: Loved it, we are so glad we came.

 6.  I was most impressed by:

The different activities that they are different from the ones I have used for ropes course @ GS camp.  Ability to easily and quickly engage all the girls.Shannon’s ability to work with the girls.

7.  I was least impressed by: