Bond Shannon Bond You are of great worth. Thu, 09 Jul 2020 21:12:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bond Shannon Bond 32 32 Have you been tested? Sun, 07 Jun 2020 09:00:00 +0000 In March we were strongly encouraged to choose isolation. For months we were given the message “We are in this together”. There was an understanding that what effects one in this great country effects us all. Breathing, gathering, going outside, hugging was described as actions that could harm those whom you love and care for. So, we paused, we reached out to each other in every way we could safely. We could not help ourselves. We had to bond, support, and keep connected.

We, Americans are there for each other. When faced with hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, tornadoes, fires, and floods we give, we rush to aid, we offer shelter, we put food and water on 18-wheelers. This is who we are. We embrace all of those on the front lines. We do not factor in the race of whose house has been destroyed because it does not matter. Their economic status does not matter. Nothing matters except a neighbor, a fellow citizen, a family, another American needs us and we are here. Who are the first people to identify the race, religion, or economic status of those in need? The politicians and the media.

So, I ask you, have you been tested? Not for Covid19 but for all the other viruses amongst us. Apathy, Hate, Prejudice, Blame, Selfishness and Fear.

Do you say “that’s not my problem” or “that doesn’t affect me, so why should I care“ or perhaps you say “yeah but if I say something, what difference will it make”?

Have you made the statement that “the people have the right to be heard” but when another person’s words do not match those of your own do you yell and then demand that person be punished for their right to speak

Do you with Hate in your heart wish someone death and/or celebrate illness and hardships of those who have a different belief than you and justify these action with a “well they deserve what happened”?

Do you decide based on emotion, rumor, race, religion, sex, size, appearance, and economic status the personality and character of another person?

Do you decide based on who a person supports politically, the religion they practice, if they decided to take a knee or not, if they are pro-life or pro-choice that you know that person’s heart and whether they are good or evil?

Has the situation you are in and the choices you have made been because someone made you do it or that you had no other choice? Should everyone else take on your struggles just because they can and that you’re taking them on yourself will require great sacrifice? Have you asked for help or demanded your “fair share”?

Do you just not have time to care for anyone else?

Have you lost your faith? Do you believe that we are conquered and that everyone who is not 100% in agreement with you is 100% against you? Have you allowed others to define worry and fear as a weapon of destruction to an entire community? Have you decided that only your fear is real? Is anyone who encourages knowledge a person who does not understand how others feel and should be dismissed ignored and shamed? Do you follow those who speak loudly and with passion because you want their “facts” to be real because it feels good and is popular? Do you recognize those who require fear and ignorance to rob all citizens of their freedoms while increasing their own status and power over others?

I have failed many of these tests in my lifetime, but I have also passed all of them as I have grown and humbly accepted my humanity. I am not innocent, but I am forgiven. I do believe in my tomorrow and will fight for it as well as fight for others who seek their tomorrows. I pray for justice and support that those individuals who are unjust be punished and those who have received punishment, be given every opportunity to thrive and succeed. I know that there are those who want me to feel shame based on my race, sex, religion, economic status, size, age, and beliefs but I deny them that wish. I love. I serve. I fight. I live. I will go to my Lord daily and ask for His forgiveness and guidance as I struggle with my imperfections while also thanking Him for the glorious blessings given to me that I take for granted

I do not ask for 100% agreement in all that I say or believe but I do ask that like you, we respect and honor each other as humans. I long for conversation and debate and truly know we may not agree on everything, but we probably agree on most things.

We are in this together. We are going to get through this together. The only things that would stop us is if we allow Apathy, Hate, Prejudice, Blame, Selfishness and Fear to infect us and become what we live with instead of inoculating ourselves with Passion, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Selflessness, and Courage. We will not be perfect, but we will be healthier. We will be better able to face the other illnesses we encounter.

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Circle Circle Dot Dot Wed, 22 Apr 2020 07:30:19 +0000 I’ve been thinking (except this time I think a better word would be deliberating).

Even before the official “Re-open America” plan was shared the lines of who is an “Us or a Them” had been drawn. Please take the time to consider the following just as I have considered what you have shared.

Years ago, on an elementary school playground far away, I was given my cootie shot (1972). For those who don’t know it is a simple “circle circle dot dot, now you have your cootie shot”. I know it was legitimate because years later there was an episode showing the effectiveness of cootie shots on Power Puff Girls (2011). It was not until much later I found out that there are real cooties (lice). On the playground it was just a way to protect the boys and girls from getting each other’s “cooties”. ~ By the way, someone please ask Dr. Fauci if this has already been tried. I’m sure it was ruled out weeks ago. I just wanted to check. Seriously though, it was one of my first experiences with the concept of “Are you an Us or a Them”.

In 1982 another division of “Us” or “Them” reared it’s ugly head. A virus called AIDS. No one had really heard about it until the 80’s. We now know AIDS had been around in the United States since the mid to late 60’s. We were told that in order to get it you had to be part of the “Four-H club”: hemophiliacs, homosexual men, heroin users, Haitians (or people of Haitian origin). But, in 1984 it was shown that women, heterosexuals and non-drug users could get AIDS. Aids became the number one killer for adults ages 25 to 44 in 1995. Hysteria ensued and the truths (and myths) began becoming part of our society. Practice the use of condoms/ safe sex. Don’t give CPR unless you have a mask or barrier. You can get AIDS from mosquitoes. People were judged and persecuted based on their medical diagnosis. People were scared. People thought they could look at you and know if you were an “Us or a Them”. Twenty-eight years (2010) after AIDS was given a name there were 20 treatment options and it was proven, you cannot get AIDS from a mosquito (but you can extract dinosaurs DNA from them).

So what Shannon. How could you dare compare the corona virus to AIDS?

Yeah Shannon! Breathing in is how you catch covid 19, not having sex or drug use.

You are right, covid 19 is not the same but here we are using the same old “Us” and “Them” logic.

I refuse to repeat history and be baited by fear into the quarrel about who of us is the more righteous.

The political pundits are masters at this deceptive classification game. “Do you want money or death?” “Do you want freedom or ruin?”  “Do you want to kill your neighbor, or do you want to worship?”

I have read, seen and felt the hurt and suffering in the postings of those who have had a loved one taken by this virus and I am truly sorry for your loss. I have also seen a distinct “overreach” by some leaders. Like, no going to your church parking lot and sitting in your car with the windows up for what is essentially a “zoom meeting” worship service. As time passes, just like it did with the AIDS virus between the years 1982 and now, we will discover that many facts of today will be incorrect and that many decisions made now are based on speculation not certainty.

I will not shame those who choose to go back to work. I will not pretend to know what is in someone’s heart and assume they mean harm because they disagree, or because their choice is different than mine.

I believe that generally, people are good. If you know me at all, you know I have looked into the eyes of evil and I know it exists. I also know that Bad Things Can’t Stop the Best Things and there is more good than bad in this world.  I choose to be bold, to not panic and to seek truth. I will not be ignorant to the fact my actions do affect those around me. Cautiously, and with His guidance, I will step towards my tomorrow. I will cry, laugh, rejoice, serve with and defend those who are unsteady or uncertain regardless of race, religion, color or political affiliation. I believe in OUR ability to thrive and withstand the viruses of hate, blame, complacency and apathy. Be ourselves. Grab hold of our uniqueness and thrive.

I am not an “Us” or a “Them”.  I am me. You are you. We do want what life has to offer us. We all want the freedom to pursue greatness. There are no promises that the journey is going to be easy. People are going to die, but not just from covid 19. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, murder, automobile accidents and hate takes lives daily. Despite this, none of us need to be cast into a group deemed less than deserving. The Truth is we are all human, imperfect, flawed and weak. We can decide to unite and get through this together. We can offer mercy, not viciousness, each of us respecting each other’s imperfections, differing views, and personal choices while refusing to classify each other into “Us” or “Them”. Instead, be stronger than We’ve ever been, and distribute love. 

By Me.

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The Dos and Don’ts of “For Now” and “Forever” Thu, 09 Apr 2020 13:06:00 +0000 While teaching my Berry class I encouraged my students to add the phrase “For Now” to many of their sentences. We are not allowed on campus “For Now”. Graduation has been cancelled “For Now”. Starbucks is closed “For Now”.

I, like many of us, have experienced “For Nows” and “Forevers” in our lives. When my husband and I were separated due to his military training or my going to school in another country, we found resolve in that it was a “For Now” moment in our lives. We have also found strength in who we are, our love for our children and every moment we have been together is a “Forever”. Sometimes I have even mistaken a “For Now” for a “Forever” and vice versa.

So, being that there appears to be a lot of “For Nows” and “Forevers” being tossed around, I thought I’d share with you some of what I call the dos and don’ts when applying these words.

Do use “For Now” when thinking of how long I cannot give my 80-year-old father a hug. It is only “For Now” that gathering to celebrate birthdays, worship, attend graduations, or to simply celebrate it’s Friday night is discouraged. “For Now” you might be finding out that your third grader is better at math and knows more geography and history than you. And yes, “For Now” no one knows what you are, or are not, wearing beyond the point of your computer camera.

Don’t use “For Now” when saying I love you. Resist the temptation to say “I will not use Duc tape to confine my kindergartener during conference calls … “For Now”. Don’t say I will continue to believe in, and pursue, my dreams “For Now”. “For Now,” do not use an emergency as an excuse to make time to cherish the gifts in your life because you always have the time to treasure all that you have been blessed with.

Don’t “Forever” think that if you have a fever it must covid19. Don’t accept this moment of our lives as the definition of how we will interact, and work, with each other “Forever”. Put aside the images that we will be hiding our smiles behind masks now and “Forever”. Dismiss the lie that the hurt you feel will be “Forever” and will never heal.

Do “Forever” see your tomorrow and know that it awaits you. Do know that “Forever” there are those waiting to give and receive your embrace and love. Births, new beginnings, successes will be celebrated “Forever”. Accept that our lives have been changed but, that our lives are always changing because we are “Forever” learning and experiencing life. The stars, the Lord, your influence on this earth (and in the hearts of so many) is “Forever”.

There are so many times when a “Sometimes” or a “Never” might also be appropriate but for now, know you are not alone. Personally, I will seek something much greater than the “For Now” burdens, I will seek faith “Forever”.

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Give me the glass Mon, 30 Mar 2020 20:57:33 +0000 Are you a half empty or half full kind of person? This is a common question when working with people who are trying to better understand themselves, and those around them. It’s a way to try and distinguish the optimist from the pessimist. So, what do you call a person who says “The cup is full”?

Many people may answer the question with “It depends”. What’s going on in one’s life of course influences how we see things. Another influencing factor is what’s in the glass? If it’s vinegar, swamp water or sour milk they may answer “too much”. However, if it is cold water, beer or a milkshake the may respond “not enough”.

Me, I choose the cup is full. Half of it is liquid the other half air. This might seem a bit Pollyanna but I’m a “faith-a-mist”. Mostly, I wonder why are you asking me about a glass that is just sitting there? I could just pick the blasted thing up and take actions to get what I need.

You and I both have within us the ability to take the cup into our own hands. I have faith that we are given the ability to fill our cups or pour them out depending on the situation. This is not easy, and depending on the size of the glass/need, I may face various challenges. There may even be those who want to take the glass away so they can give me what they think I need or perhaps give me what I don’t need at all.

Here is where being a faith-a-mist really kicks in. I was not only provided with one vessel, the glass, I have many others. I believe that I can be poured into by my husband, my sons, my parents, friends, clients, the Great I Am and yes even those who are reading this blog. I also believe that I can fill other vessels by pouring from my own. I can give encouragement and pour knowledge into the hearts and minds of those I serve. I can provide a smile, a wink and have even been know to cause a few chuckles to those who may be experiencing doubt or lack of self-confidence. I can also offer the truth that You are a vessel of great worth and whether you fill half empty or half full you are not alone.

I’m sure there are those who may disagree with me. But, I have faith they will find an answer that suits them. Chug away.

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Today’s Masked Avengers Tue, 17 Mar 2020 07:30:00 +0000 I said to her “Masked heroes used to look like Zorro or the Lone Ranger but you are the example of today’s heroes”. To read more go to

In line again, and no it was not for toilet paper.

I was on an errand for the hubby to get motor oil, 6 cases.

Behind me in the checkout line was, what can only be described as, a modern-day hero. She had already been scoffed at by some other shoppers. I even heard one young woman tell, what was most likely her little brother, not to stare.

Always looking around, taking attendance and checking my six, I saw her and smiled. She said “I’m not sick. I work in a hospital in the cancer unit and I just don’t want to take a chance of getting sick and then getting them sick too. They have very weak immune systems and I just want to be cautious. “

We talked for a moment and then it came to me. “You know what you are?” I asked. “You are an example of today’s masked heroes. You are a caretaker for people who, without your support, expertise care and encouragement would be lost. Even now, away from the hospital, you are caring for them. Masked heroes used to look like Zorro, the Lone Ranger or Batman, but you are the example of today’s heroes who are caring for those who are unwell. You just have a different mask”.

She laughed and allowed me to take her picture so I could share this moment with others.

Please remember in your thoughts and prayers all of those who are going to work daily, wearing masks and giving care while possibly putting themselves in harm’s way.

Oops! I didn’t ask her name. Who was that masked person?

I said to her “Masked heroes used to look like Zorro or the Lone Ranger but you are the example of today’s heroes”.

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Hope and Toilet Paper Sun, 08 Mar 2020 07:30:01 +0000 I’d like to share Thursday’s wonderful experience of “being in line for toilet paper”. Over the past several weeks people have been watching the number of cases with Corona virus increase while the numbers on the stock market decrease. I offer that this is a time to come together and give to each other a great gift. Hope.
I feel quite confident in saying, this is not the end of the world. I do not fear Covid 19, I respect it. I agree whole heartedly we need to be smart and remain vigilant. I know I, along with anyone else, could get Covid 19 but I choose to continue to thrive despite it.
No, what concerns me most are the masses of people who are filled with worry and who are being told “we’ve never had anything like this before”. We have, numerous times and we will persevere.
I am not Wonder Woman, or the female version of Chuck Norris. I am affected by what we don’t know about the virus yet, but I work hard to remain what I refer to as a “Faithamist”. (Full definition to be shared in a later post)
So here it is, my experience of “being in line for toilet paper”. I had no inkling that morning of the events ahead. My day began with an 8:00am doctor’s appointment. I had made a list of things we needed and since my appointment was early and near Costco I went. My list included things like detergent, soy milk, mixed nuts, paper towels, hamburger meat, cereal and my husband’s medicine. Toilet paper was not on my list.
At 9:15 I was in the Costco parking lot (yes, my doctor’s appointment was that fast) where I learned it opened at 10:00. There were maybe 10 other cars there. I thought I’d wait and use the time to check emails. Within another 5 minutes 20 other cars showed up and a line was forming outside the Costco doors. The radio was listing all the events that were cancelling and the school systems that were closing. I decided to wait thinking, no need to rush. I’m here and I have a great parking space. Five more minutes, 20+ more cars. Line gets longer. At 9:38, I looked at the clock in the car, I calmly walk towards the line of people. People would turn look then look away. Immediately I could hear dozens of conversations of “Can you believe this?” and “This is nuts”. I begin looking at people, taking attendance (for anyone who has taken my self-defense classes, You know what this means) planning on if things get anxious or unruly. I start purposely catching and looking into the eyes of those around me and engaging in the conversations. I, and another lady, remark on how this reminded us of “Black Friday”, minus the Christmas music. I even make a joke about how Charmin might need to change their commercials to “Charmin, Where we give you at least 5 more squares than the other guys”*. Seinfeld reference for us older generations.
Doors open, the herd moves. It was not a stampede, but there was urgency. You see those who show off their speed walking skills-the rushers. Then there were some who like going through a maze darting in and out of aisles- the “I’ll make my own path-ers”. Everyone is headed to the same place at the back of the store where the bottled water, paper towels and yes, Toilet Paper awaits. In my mind I ponder, what if there was a fire right now? What would win? Getting out safely or getting toilet paper and then getting out. I’m not ashamed to say, I went to the toilet paper first. My thought was not only about how much toilet paper my family did or did not have I also started thinking about my parents, friends and neighbors.
My two new friends whom I had met outside, Kimberly and a very educated gentleman from a local medical center, watched out for each other. We got to the back of the store at the same time, even though we had all taken different paths. We checked in with each other with a quick smile and nod. I kept smiling, making eye contact with all those around us. A gentleman next to me had sent his wife ahead because the grocery carts did not allow for quick access. Smart move. I saw her. She was a person on a mission and even though she was no taller than me and was a smaller framed body type, I had no doubt she was going to walk away with toilet paper. She did, two cases. I, and my new partners in survival, also got toilet paper. Kimberly was the first of our team there, took our orders on how many we wanted, tossed them out to us and we went on our way. The medical professional got one, Kimberly and I got two. Mission complete. My friendship with Kimberly was cemented for, when we went our separate ways, we made physical contact. A fist bump and we didn’t even use hand sanitizer.
I began to look around assessing the crowd and getting my mind on the list of items I did come for. Never did I feel fear, but I saw people who were scared. I saw people shaking their head and laughing at those, like myself, who had toilet paper in their carts. I wondered how many social media videos I would be in as people pulled out their phones and captured this “moment in our history”. I made one phone call to my husband. I was concerned if the car I was driving would hold what I was buying (I was in my son’s Mustang). He shared how he had faith in my figuring it out. He laughed but stated “Well at lease we and the neighbors will have toilet paper”. Told me he loved me and how if anyone could do this I could.
I got into a checkout line which yes, was long, but moved quickly. At the very end, right as I approached the register, it happened. The younger person behind me had made a call to someone she cared about. I know, how dare I listen, and just so you know I did work on not listening, but it was the concern in her voice that struck me. She was describing the numbers of people in the store and how full of items most the carts were. She began talking about others in her life she was concerned for. She responded anxiously to the other person repeating the phrase “I don’t know”. The questions she asked that right now don’t have answers. The list of “what ifs” and “do you thinks” all demonstrated the weight of this situation on her. I decided I need to give her something.
I had finished getting my cart unpacked. She ended her call. I turned, smiled and looked into her eyes and said “We are going to be all right. This is simply one moment in all our lives where we have questions. This isn’t panic.” I gestured to the crowd. “It’s worry. We will make it through this by encouraging each other and caring about each other. You’ll see we have gotten through tougher moments in our history and we are going to get through this.” She responded very sincerely “Thank you, I really needed that”. We smiled.
Let’s make this moment count people. Be gracious, pray for our world right now, pray for wisdom and for truth to prevail. Pray for those who are sick, for those who are healing, for those whose loved ones are sick and for those who are looking for how we tame this bug. I believe in our tomorrows, both good and bad. I offer you a smile and HOPE.
By the way, A Mustang can hold 2 big cases of toilet paper, 3 boxes of various milks, detergent, 2 mixed nuts, jerky, peanut butter, 2 bags of bulbs for spring flowers, 1 case of coconut water, 1 big bag of cheddar and carmel popcorn, bacon, spinach, paper towels and hamburger meat, Nutella snacks, and 2 other frozen items from Costco. My husband was right. And yes, I got him his medicine for his allergies.

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The History of Ha-Cha-Cha Sun, 01 Mar 2020 07:30:00 +0000 Just this past summer I walked in to find out how my crew and I could get our Kayaks taxied up the river for a glorious day of paddling. I walked in and there was a familiar face. With a cheerful voice this young lady asked, “Are you the Ha Cha-Cha lady”? I responded, “Well, yes I am.” She had been in a group I had led a few years before and had remembered Ha Cha-Cha.

I’m not sure the exact date, but at least 15 years ago (maybe more), I was leading a group and I said, “Ha Cha-Cha?”

Now at first the participants looked at me like “What did she say?” There was even a comical side glance shared between a few suggesting they thought I had finally lost my connection to reality. Perhaps some thought I was breaking into a song or chant and were concerned that they were going to be asked to sing or chant as part of our next activity. But then, with my encouraging smile and slight tilt of my head, I asked again, “Ha Cha-Cha?” And they replied with smiles and enthusiasm, “HA! Cha-Cha”.

So, what happened?

I had found my phrase, my connector, my “What’s up Doc?” but, even then, I was not fully aware of how impactful “Ha Cha-Cha” can be.

Paul C. Gorski states in an article on how to “Avoid Facilitative Pitfalls” that it is important to develop strategies for dialogue closure. It is encouraged that an expert facilitator not wrap- up the conversation for everyone with some abrupt statement like, “Okay that’s done, moving on,” or the ever abrupt and rude “Next!” Rather, find a way to draw the dialogue to a close with a” final question, short activity or commitment to action”. Well, there you have it.
Ha Cha-Cha.
By asking “Ha Cha-Cha?” you have simply said “Does anyone else have anything to add?”
At the same time, you’ve invited questions about what was just experienced. When the group responds with a declarative “Ha Cha-Cha” you now have permission to move on because understanding has been accomplished. There is your final question” and because the group responds with its own Ha Cha-Cha you have performed a short connecting activity. But what about the commitment to action?
Simple, I look the group right in their eyes, raise my eyebrows and in my true Shannon Bond Manner say with enthusiasm and a celebratory lilt “Oh, HA’ Cha- CHA” which is, of course, an unmistakable declaration of success.
Walter Cronkite says, “That’s the way it is.”
George Burns says, “Goodnight, Gracie.”
Looney Tunes says, “That’s all folks.

” So, for now, I will just say, “Ha Cha-Cha.”

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The Powerful “No” Thu, 20 Feb 2020 19:00:00 +0000 Don’t you just know that “No” is powerful. I mean it is used for marketing everywhere. Remember the “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign? In casual conversation friends urge those they care about to say “No ” to going out with a certain person or having that decadent desert when they are trying to cut calories. 

And everyone knows what “No” means. Especially when said the right way. But did you know that a big powerful “No” also has a flavor? 

Well since 1990 Hermenabelle and I have been hearing kindergartners share the flavor of their big powerful “No!” . This “No” has nothing to do with cleaning your room, or not wanting to share your favorite toy or ice cream. No,  it is the “No” children are encouraged to use if anyone ever asks them to break the “Touching Rule”. This “No” has presence and resolve. This “No” not only can be heard by one but by many. The “No” knows how to send a message and apparently it doesn’t taste bad either.

Here’s what happens… I reach in to my bag for a powerful “No” . I pull them out. I tell the class that they need to catch one and to put it in their mouth, ear, tummy, nose (and even their belly button if they choose) as long as it is some place inside their body. I toss the “No’s” in the air, they are caught and quickly given a home inside. Of course there are those who choose ear, tummy, nose and yes even their belly button. None the less there are those who choose to place the “No ” in their mouth. When asked “How does it taste?” here is what I have heard.

  1. Strawberry: The most common flavor..
  2. Blue berry: Also popular.
  3. Cotton Candy: When tasted, always makes the child smile.
  4. Chocolate with color sprinkles: Found by those who truly have taste.
  5. Banana Split: Another full flavored “No”.
  6. Watermelon with salt: It was such a relief to hear others enjoy salt with their watermelon.
  7. Air: I am certain that these were “No’s” that like after an open  fizzy drink loses it’s bubbles  have presence but not a lot of flare.
  8. A big hamburger: The fast food restaurant that this hamburger belongs to has not yet been determined
  9. Peanut butter cookie: Funny no allergic reaction at all to these …so far
  10. And my all time favorite flavor of a Powerful “No”, Kung Pow Chicken.

Yes there are other flavors and I, and Hermenbelle, will certainly keep you informed if we learn of any other remarkable flavors found in the classes we visit. So remember “Say NO!” to anyone who wants to break the touching rule.

Flavored Powerful “No’s” …who knew?

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Fear Activates Mon, 20 Jan 2020 16:20:00 +0000

Fear is a Liar- Unless you recognize Fear as the signal to take action to survive.

Fear is the signal that awakens the will to survive. In my women’s self defense class I use the book by Gavin De Becker “The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence”. One of the many great lessons from this book is that Fear is not what saves you; it is the alarm sounding to call out your survival signal.

Consider this. When startled your body instinctively takes a big breath. Your muscles tighten, you’re your senses become heightened, blood rushes to the heart and the body is now ready to fight or flee. However, if one’s body freezes it stays in fear and thinks of nothing else but fear. One definition from the Merriam Webster dictionary states that “Fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage”. Wrong! Feeling fear is not cowardly. It is human and when true fear is sensed then true power is within one’s grasp.

If you believe in fear, if you allow the predator to trick you into thinking that because you fear them you can do nothing, than that fear you are holding onto is liar. Those who require you to feel powerless require you to remain in fear. Any person, or groups of persons, who persuade you to live in a state of Fear are distracting you from grabbing hold of your power to overcome, move forward and conquer.  If you remain in a state of fear, if you freeze then you are allowing that moment of fear to trick you into thinking you are incapable of taking actions to survive.

You are powerful. You are one of great courage when encouraged by the will to survive. You are capable of surprise, unknown strength and determination. You can see past the lies and fog of fear. You are the voice that they fear. You can harness the alarm fear has sounded and find the key to survive and thrive past fear’s lie.  

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Hermenabelle Accepts Mandate to Empower kids Fri, 08 Mar 2019 05:01:45 +0000 Well it happened. About 2 years ago there was a rumor that all of the States were being encouraged to require schools to teach students, starting with kindergarten, about sexual abuse.  Well now it’s a fact, Senate Bill 401- Greater Education Act recently had a pro child anti abuse addition.

Who made this happen, Super Hero Erin Merryn. She is quoted as saying “It’s really to give kids a voice that I never had as a child”.

So, what does this mean? Hermenabelle and the SAFE program are out and about and now we have the support of the Georgia Senate. Since 1990 children have been receiving a message of empowerment and hope. Hermenabelle is visiting schools in Floyd County, Cobb County, Rome City, Cartersville City, Bartow County. Parents praise the program and it’s age appropriate surprisingly light hearted way of letting children ages 5 to 12 know just how powerful they are. We are so lucky to have so many schools that believe in our mission. We accept the mission of providing age appropriate lessons about personal body safety. We are ready to help them identify the rescuers waiting to tell them they are believed.

Watch for updates and pictures. Ha Cha Cha

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