Are you a half empty or half full kind of person? This is a common question when working with people who are trying to better understand themselves, and those around them. It’s a way to try and distinguish the optimist from the pessimist. So, what do you call a person who says “The cup is full”?

Many people may answer the question with “It depends”. What’s going on in one’s life of course influences how we see things. Another influencing factor is what’s in the glass? If it’s vinegar, swamp water or sour milk they may answer “too much”. However, if it is cold water, beer or a milkshake the may respond “not enough”.

Me, I choose the cup is full. Half of it is liquid the other half air. This might seem a bit Pollyanna but I’m a “faith-a-mist”. Mostly, I wonder why are you asking me about a glass that is just sitting there? I could just pick the blasted thing up and take actions to get what I need.

You and I both have within us the ability to take the cup into our own hands. I have faith that we are given the ability to fill our cups or pour them out depending on the situation. This is not easy, and depending on the size of the glass/need, I may face various challenges. There may even be those who want to take the glass away so they can give me what they think I need or perhaps give me what I don’t need at all.

Here is where being a faith-a-mist really kicks in. I was not only provided with one vessel, the glass, I have many others. I believe that I can be poured into by my husband, my sons, my parents, friends, clients, the Great I Am and yes even those who are reading this blog. I also believe that I can fill other vessels by pouring from my own. I can give encouragement and pour knowledge into the hearts and minds of those I serve. I can provide a smile, a wink and have even been know to cause a few chuckles to those who may be experiencing doubt or lack of self-confidence. I can also offer the truth that You are a vessel of great worth and whether you fill half empty or half full you are not alone.

I’m sure there are those who may disagree with me. But, I have faith they will find an answer that suits them. Chug away.