Testimonials and Evaluations

She was funny and engaging. The students really enjoyed her approch to the sensitive topics.

Kimberli Wright


I think her lessons were very valuable. She teaches the children to use their voice to say a powerful “NO” to inappropriate touches or gestures. While we are not in control of what is taught at home, it gives me peace of mind knowing we have covered these topics with the children here at school. It also reinforces to the students that they can talk with an advocate at school if any of these inappropriate things are happening at home. 

Amanda Kilgore


Mrs. Bond does a great job with Hermenabelle. She is very engaging, everyone loves Hermenabelle by the end of her presentation, and everyone remembers “no one should ever touch the parts of your body that are covered by your bathing suit, except to keep you clean and healthy”. She handles a sensitive subject and keeps it kid-friendly.


Steven Meyers


S.A.F.E. Program Review

  • Would you say the SAFE program provided information about being safe and avoiding sexual abuse in a positive and age appropriate manner? Absolutely
  • What techniques or methods of teaching did you observe supporting your answer? Shannon uses a puppet with the younger children and they LOVE her!!! The lessons are tailored to the different age groups and move to a video presentation for older children that empowers them to be assertive, safe and problem solve. The discussion is clear and age appropriate. There is always laughter! The students are engaged and I have been able to use her lesson to follow up with students individually. Some have disclosed abuse after her lessons. Shannon is always upbeat and joyful and the students respond very well to her.
  • Would you say the students were able to retain the information presented in the SAFE program and that they were also able to identify safe adults and healthy relationships? Yes, I do think students retained the information. Shannon reminds all the students of the many advocates they have and the teachers remain in the room so they are aware of what is taught and can respond to students appropriately reminding them of what they learned and who their advocates are.
  • Did you feel that Shannon Bond was qualified in teaching the material and is contracting her to do the SAFE program in the classrooms a valid expense of funding and class time? Would you recommend this program to other schools? Yes, I would recommend Shannon and her program. She is very comfortable with the subject matter and qualified. She makes a difficult subject easier for the kids to understand and opens up communication in a safe way.
  • Besides you did others at the school see the program (teachers or parents) and did they have any comments about the program? Yes. Our teachers remained in the room and were very pleased with her lessons. Parents are always invited to be present as well and some have attended. The parent feedback has also been positive.
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about the SAFE program? I believe having an outside speaker come in is exciting for the students. They are excited about the puppet and are open to listen because it is a visitor.
Katie Cumming