Well it happened. About 2 years ago there was a rumor that all of the States were being encouraged to require schools to teach students, starting with kindergarten, about sexual abuse.  Well now it’s a fact, Senate Bill 401- Greater Education Act recently had a pro child anti abuse addition.

Who made this happen, Super Hero Erin Merryn. She is quoted as saying “It’s really to give kids a voice that I never had as a child”.

So, what does this mean? Hermenabelle and the SAFE program are out and about and now we have the support of the Georgia Senate. Since 1990 children have been receiving a message of empowerment and hope. Hermenabelle is visiting schools in Floyd County, Cobb County, Rome City, Cartersville City, Bartow County. Parents praise the program and it’s age appropriate surprisingly light hearted way of letting children ages 5 to 12 know just how powerful they are. We are so lucky to have so many schools that believe in our mission. We accept the mission of providing age appropriate lessons about personal body safety. We are ready to help them identify the rescuers waiting to tell them they are believed.

Watch for updates and pictures. Ha Cha Cha