Fear is a Liar- Unless you recognize Fear as the signal to take action to survive.

Fear is the signal that awakens the will to survive. In my women’s self defense class I use the book by Gavin De Becker “The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence”. One of the many great lessons from this book is that Fear is not what saves you; it is the alarm sounding to call out your survival signal.

Consider this. When startled your body instinctively takes a big breath. Your muscles tighten, you’re your senses become heightened, blood rushes to the heart and the body is now ready to fight or flee. However, if one’s body freezes it stays in fear and thinks of nothing else but fear. One definition from the Merriam Webster dictionary states that “Fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage”. Wrong! Feeling fear is not cowardly. It is human and when true fear is sensed then true power is within one’s grasp.

If you believe in fear, if you allow the predator to trick you into thinking that because you fear them you can do nothing, than that fear you are holding onto is liar. Those who require you to feel powerless require you to remain in fear. Any person, or groups of persons, who persuade you to live in a state of Fear are distracting you from grabbing hold of your power to overcome, move forward and conquer.  If you remain in a state of fear, if you freeze then you are allowing that moment of fear to trick you into thinking you are incapable of taking actions to survive.

You are powerful. You are one of great courage when encouraged by the will to survive. You are capable of surprise, unknown strength and determination. You can see past the lies and fog of fear. You are the voice that they fear. You can harness the alarm fear has sounded and find the key to survive and thrive past fear’s lie.