About Shannon

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Entertainer

Shannon Bond is your warrior and believes in the greatness that every individual has within. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Shannon Bond

My Story

Bachelors in Arts and Psychology

Berry College 1989


M.Ed. in Community Counseling

University of West Georgia 1997


Certified Trainer | Second Step Violence Prevention

Committee for Children and Youth, Seattle, WA 1993


Suicidal employee, domestic violence in the workplace, angry customer, aggressive parent or spouse…what would you do in the event of a mass shooting in your workplace?

This has unfortunately become a reality of the world we live in. What have you done to be prepared, do you have a plan?

Shannon Bond has over 30 years of experience in training and teaching the skills for survival in any situation. She has been a personal safety instructor for over 22 years, she has been a ropes course facilitator and college professor for over 25 years.

Everyone needs a script, it does not need to be written but through the opportunity to explore and experience what they need to say and what they need to do will allow them to diffuse and deescalate a variety of situations.

Shannon has a Masters in Counseling and has worked with people of various levels from CEO’s to prison inmates. As a college professor, she has been in a classroom, and as a counselor, she has worked in the homes of families in crisis. Shannon is adept at being comfortable in a variety of settings whether in the workplace or out on the job site. Her passion is to share her experiences with those who are serving in the everyday workplace as professionals, educators, coaches, parents and healthcare personnel.

By creating an environment of laughter, CALM* and empowerment, Shannon Bond a master instructor and motivator, will provide you and your team the fundamental skills to create a safer work environment. Through instruction, experiential facilitation and modeling techniques (both verbal and physical) Shannon’s reassuring manner and unique method of humor let the participants of her programs learn with confidence the proven skill of success and survival.

Shannon is a dynamic, vibrant trainer and is dedicated to the development of your ability to survive and cope with life’s “realities”. Shannon Bond is your warrior and believes in the greatness that every individual has within. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Shannon can work with you to agree upon a budget and access how best to meet your needs with the custom-tailored program. A keynote speech may take an hour. An experiential group may take a morning or a day.


Choose a correct direction of control


Avoid resistance


Learn behavior modification


Maintain a safe environment

Crisis Intervention Program developed by Shannon M. Bond M.Ed. and Lt. John Walters St., Criminal Investigations Division, 2009

“I think her lessons were very valuable. She teaches the children to use their voice to say a powerful “NO” to inappropriate touches or gestures.”

Books and  Publications

Bad Things Can’t Stop The Best Things!

The healing words in this book, although written for a child’s understanding, speak into the hearts of adult survivors also. To be cherished, valued, understood and believed are no small things.