Hermenabelle Accepts Mandate to Empower kids

Hermenabelle asks a “What if Question”

Well it happened. About 2 years ago there was a rumor that all of the States were being encouraged to require schools to teach students, starting with kindergarten, about sexual abuse.  Well now it’s a fact, Senate Bill 401- Greater Education Act recently had a pro child anti abuse addition.

Who made this happen, Super Hero Erin Merryn. She is quoted as saying “It’s really to give kids a voice that I never had as a child”.

So, what does this mean? Hermenabelle and the SAFE program are out and about and now we have the support of the Georgia Senate. Since 1990 children have been receiving a message of empowerment and hope. Hermenabelle is visiting schools in Floyd County, Cobb County, Rome City, Cartersville City, Bartow County. Parents praise the program and it’s age appropriate surprisingly light hearted way of letting children ages 5 to 12 know just how powerful they are. We are so lucky to have so many schools that believe in our mission. We accept the mission of providing age appropriate lessons about personal body safety. We are ready to help them identify the rescuers waiting to tell them they are believed.

Watch for updates and pictures. Ha Cha Cha


Playing with Marshmallows Lead to Great Bonds

On February 23, seven mothers and twelve girl scouts found out team work is so much more than a word. Using their own individual strengths (follow ship, leadership, encouragement, creativity) on a wet Saturday morning these future ladies of success found out that in order to complete the task at hand building up is much more powerful than shutting down.  Towers were built, canoes were constructed and smiles were shared as we all laughed at how fun it can be to work together and through the little difficulties. It was shared success among individuals who played while showing friendship and experiencing the courage to try.  

Here is what was said about the event.

1.   Today’s experience was: 

Poor                Fair                 Good               Very Good 5%                        Excellent 95%

2.   Were the activities age appropriate?               Yes 100%         No    

3.   Did I meet the overall goals?              Yes 100%        No  

4.   Shannon Bond’s  facilitation technique  was:

 Poor                Fair                 Good               Very Good 5%            Excellent  95%


 5. Would you recommend this program to others?        Yes 100%        No

 Comments: Loved it, we are so glad we came.

 6.  I was most impressed by:

The different activities that they are different from the ones I have used for ropes course @ GS camp.  Ability to easily and quickly engage all the girls.Shannon’s ability to work with the girls.

7.  I was least impressed by:


Junior Girl Scouts , Become one with your Super Powers!”

Girl Scouts,

 I invite you to join me at Camp Timber Ridge for a grand time. Yes there is still some room.

We will be playing with a variety of unique tools (hula hoops, wooden discs, and other neat stuff).

Junior Girl Scouts will discover they have Super Powers. 

You will learn you are capable of moving spheres,  without using your voice, across treacherous terrain.

By using known, and unknown, communication techniques you have the will fend off rascally hula hoops and you will race against the clock to open doors towards success.

If you can survive uncontrollable laughter, and enjoy obtaining victory (and an occasional life lesson) come join us.


Cost:  $ 10.00 per person              Limited to 20 participants

To sign up just reply here.


Making Marshmallows into Mountains with Mothers and Daisies

Dear Girl Scouts,

I will be at the Timber Ridge camp on February 23 (9:30-12:00) to interact with Mothers and their Daisies.

I am excited to report that this event is full.

However, I have been working with several Troops to bring this program to them.

This program invites the particioants to try various sorts of communication styles,verbal and non verbal.

We build confidence and allow parents and their Daisies to explore and play.

Most importantly we laughing and have fun while learning applicable life skills.

Dress comfortably, and bring your widest smile.


  • Have Fun
  • Awaken Communication and Problem solving skill training
  • Play
  • Encourage the courage it takes to be active in Problem solving
  • Laugh

February 23 is limited to 10 girls and their parent (maximum 20 people)

Minimum 5 girls and their parent

Cost:  $ 10.00 per person


The Powerful “No”

Don’t you just know that “No” is powerful. I mean it is used for marketing everywhere. Remember the “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign? In casual conversation friends urge those they care about to say “No ” to going out with a certain person or having that decadent desert when they are trying to cut calories. 

And everyone knows what “No” means. Especially when said the right way. But did you know that a big powerful “No” also has a flavor? 

Well since 1990 Hermenabelle and I have been hearing kindergartners share the flavor of their big powerful “No!” . This “No” has nothing to do with cleaning your room, or not wanting to share your favorite toy or ice cream. No,  it is the “No” children are encouraged to use if anyone ever asks them to break the “Touching Rule”. This “No” has presence and resolve. This “No” not only can be heard by one but by many. The “No” knows how to send a message and apparently it doesn’t taste bad either.

Here’s what happens… I reach in to my bag for a powerful “No” . I pull them out. I tell the class that they need to catch one and to put it in their mouth, ear, tummy, nose (and even their belly button if they choose) as long as it is some place inside their body. I toss the “No’s” in the air, they are caught and quickly given a home inside. Of course there are those who choose ear, tummy, nose and yes even their belly button. None the less there are those who choose to place the “No ” in their mouth. When asked “How does it taste?” here is what I have heard.

  1. Strawberry: The most common flavor..
  2. Blue berry: Also popular.
  3. Cotton Candy: When tasted, always makes the child smile.
  4. Chocolate with color sprinkles: Found by those who truly have taste.
  5. Banana Split: Another full flavored “No”.
  6. Watermelon with salt: It was such a relief to hear others enjoy salt with their watermelon.
  7. Air: I am certain that these were “No’s” that like after an open  fizzy drink loses it’s bubbles  have presence but not a lot of flare.
  8. A big hamburger: The fast food restaurant that this hamburger belongs to has not yet been determined
  9. Peanut butter cookie: Funny no allergic reaction at all to these …so far
  10. And my all time favorite flavor of a Powerful “No”, Kung Pow Chicken.

Yes there are other flavors and I, and Hermenbelle, will certainly keep you informed if we learn of any other remarkable flavors found in the classes we visit. So remember “Say NO!” to anyone who wants to break the touching rule.

Flavored Powerful “No’s” …who knew?